bobby + jessie // engaged

This post is LONG overdue. Nevertheless, I’m excited to share their engagement photos with you (and soon the photos of their wedding)! Bobby and Jessie are a couple who are ALWAYS smiling! He makes her laugh, from what I gather, pretty much all the time! […]

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kelsey + chad // engaged

I’ve been trying to think of a way to describe the love between this future bride and groom. Profoundly descriptive words escape me, so I will keep it simple: Chad and Kelsey are excited to be together. Not with a hasty excitement, but with an […]

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danielle + jacob // engaged

It’s been said opposites attract, so it’s no wonder these two found each other! Jacob is a little bit country;  Danielle is a little bit city (though Jacob seems to be rubbing off on her — look at those cute boots!)! Danielle is soft spoken and […]

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avinelis // family

I photographed Evan (cutie with the curly hair) when he turned one. At that time he was stuffing his face full of freeze dried blueberries and grinning from ear-to-ear! Here we are a year and a half later — no blueberries but he’s still wearing […]

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jon + kristine // baby bump

Meet Jon and Kristine! They are expecting their first baby girl in the Fall, and what better way to celebrate her anticipated arrival than by capturing this special time at the beach?! Enjoy!    

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cooper marshall // family love

As most of you know, I don’t typically photograph newborns, but this was a special occasion! This day was a “welcome to the world” party for my four-week-old nephew, Cooper Marshall Johnson. (Great name, huh?) The house was cozy that 4th of July morning, filled […]

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steven + megan // wedding

Welcome to Megan and Steven’s backyard wedding in the Garden of Weeden. As you’ll see, it’s some backyard — beautiful (but only almost as beautiful as the bride) and lush, and on this special occasion, full of laughter, joy, family and friends. Ellisons, I’m so happy […]


jaylen + skylar // sibling love

This day was Skylar’s first real photo shoot. It might not be as noticeable now, but mom tells me her nickname is Buddha Baby. (She is the cutest chunkster buddha baby if I’ve ever seen one!) If Skylar is “Buddha Baby”, then I’m nicknaming big […]

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paige // cousin love

I call this blog: “The day i tried to photograph Paige.” (She’s the cutie with the blonde hair, chubby cheeks, and quick little legs!) I love photographing kids — they constantly make me laugh. Example: check out Paige’s excited face as she’s running through the field […]

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france // family love

Meet the France family. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore my friend, Cherie, and her fun-loving family. Cherie is a lover of travel and discovery, but this Christmas season it was her brother who did the traveling…home to California from […]


mikey + dina // wedding

Happy New Year, everyone! It has been FAR too long since I have posted photos here … but what better way to enter this “month of love” than with a wedding! Mikey was my personal trainer when I lived in Visalia, and Dina is his […]

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wilder 60th anniversary // family love

To get the grandparents, the great grandkids and everyone in between together in one place is a rarity. So, in September when I was asked by Shelley (someone very dear to me) to take family portraits at the 60th anniversary party (Sixty years? HUGE congrats, […]